How to Make Your Community Aware of Your Sports Club

How to Make Your Community Aware of Your Sports Club

While the World Cup may be bringing in the customers to your local sports club, you may be wondering what you can do to raise the profile of your club without the need for sports to always be involved.

After all, football, cricket, and rugby are all seasonal sports, which can see clubs empty for many months in the year. Which doesn’t help profit, or keep facilities used to their full capacity.

Therefore, to help you boost footfall and revenue, we’ve shared the top ways you can make your community aware of the sports club facilities and ensure the space is getting used on a regular basis.

Get social

Having a Facebook page for your sports club can dramatically help to increase people’s awareness within the community.

Many of the community may not even be aware of your space, let alone that it’s available to hire, so make it known to them.

Posting regularly about what’s going on, and highlighting that it can be used will drive people to enquire and make bookings.

As with any social media marketing, just always ensure to engage with people so that you look as though you are active and helpful.

There is nothing more damaging to a company or community project than having a dormant Facebook page, as this gives people the impression you’re no longer in business.

Post regularly, and be proactive in responding to people’s enquiries.

If people have visited the venue, also try to get them to leave a review as this can also help with your local reputation.

Top Tips

  • Take lots of pictures of the space and things going on. People love imagery and it will engage more with people.
  • Highlight any events that people can attend.
  • Respond quickly to comments.


Broaden your network

There’s the old-fashioned saying – ‘people buy from people’.

This reference not only rings true for business, but also for those responsible for organising projects or promoting community events.

As a sports club, you may have a limited network of people who only know of the club because they take part in the sport.

But if you’re going to expand your clubs business to other events, you need to broaden your network.

By attending local networking events, and other casual meetup events in the area, you can make more people aware of the club and what it has to offer.

Many businesses are often looking for venues to host their networking event, and your club may just be that perfect venue.

Top Tips

  • Attend local networking events to tell people about the club.
  • Make the club available for hire for networking events.
  • Attend other casual meetups that may be interested in using the space. For example, fitness gatherings, foodies etc.

Don’t forget traditional

While there may be a tendency to think that only social media will help build your awareness, there is still a strong case for traditional marketing. Especially in local areas.

Therefore, distributing leaflets with your sports clubs core offering can help to dramatically increase bookings.

Be specific about what you can offer, whether you can host networking events, provide catering facilities etc.

You can then distribute these leaflets within your core target area, such as local towns and villages.

Advertising in any local newspapers or magazines may also prove helpful, but it’s essential you look at their readership and ensure that it aligns with who you are trying to attract to the club.

Top Tips  

  • Distribute leaflets in your local area.
  • Establish specific events you can hold.
  • Advertise in local newspapers and magazines.

Hold events

Sometimes there’s no better way to market what you can do than to show people rather than tell them.

Therefore creating a kick-off / launch party for your sports club event offering will truly show them exactly what you can deliver.

Invite the local community to an event that will include everyone, and make it memorable. For example, hosting a family fun day, will not only show parents that the space is available to hire for large events, but that it’s ideal for children’s parties.

At the event ensure to push exactly what your sports club can offer.

For example;

Wedding receptions

Birthday parties

Networking events

As well as a big event, try to think about smaller events that you could host on a regular basis at the sports club that would help to draw in the community.

For example;

A Sunday quiz night

A weekend craft club for kids

Coffee and cake for the elderly

Many people are often looking for reasons to get out of the house and do something, so give them this opportunity.

Even looking around at what’s popular with your community and getting to know them can help to drive inspiration for unique events.

Top Tips

  • Create a launch event and invite the community.
  • Host regular small events.
  • Continue to host unique events.