What Event Planners Want From Your Venue

What Event Planners Want From Your Venue

Hosting an event can enable your premises to increase footfall, build awareness of your company and boost profits. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to open up your doors to more business, especially when your premises may often be restricted in its offering.

Whether you’re a hotel, school or community hall, the space you can provide event planners can bring an entirely new revenue stream.

As the venue itself will be at the top of an event planners list of things to secure, it’s essential that you ensure to provide them with as much information about your location and premises, so they can make an informed decision. After all, the venue of any event not only secures the date and time but will also be vital in setting the tone of the entire event.

To help make your venue appeal to event planners, we’ve compiled a list of the things you need to ensure you’ve covered in your information pack so that event planners will be queuing up to hire your premises.


Benefits of the Location
Just what is it about your venue that sets it apart?

No matter the area you are based in there will be something unique about your location. This could be its history, or the way it has been built, or its stunning landscape. Think about what it is that somebody completely new to the area may love about your location, and highlight that to the event planner.

As well as the premises itself, think about the surrounding area and what the town or city offers tourists. Providing as much detail about the location and what is surrounding it, can improve your chances of securing bookings.

On top of this information, add as many images of the location as possible so that people can see what to expect. Event planners will often want their event to be visually pleasing, so having images will immediately boost your chances of getting a viewing.


As many events are hosted on a national scale, event planners will be looking for information on how easy it is to get to your venue.

Detailing which A roads you are nearby and giving thorough instructions for all transport including trains, buses, and cars, will show the event planner that your premises are suitable for all attendees.

An added extra may also be to list any local car hire companies or taxi companies for those that wish to stay locally. While this may seem like trivial information, this helps the event planner as they will require this information for their attendees. So you’re simply a step ahead.


When event planners hire your premises what’s included in the cost?

This is something all event planners will ask, so you need to ensure that you can detail exactly what’s included and how much support they will receive from your staff.

Extras may include tables and chairs, table linen, cutlery and tableware, use of the garden and use of the bar etc.

Detailing out a clear and comprehensive list of what is included in the premise hire will ensure that event planners know what to expect and where to allocate their budget for any extras that you do not cover.


Many functions and events require an internet connection as they want attendees to share the stories about the event on social media. Therefore, it is now becoming a vital requirement that you provide details on whether you have free wifi, and how fast the connection is.

This may sound very simple, but as internet connectivity is a need for many businesses to function, this will put event planners minds at ease that they won’t receive complaints or negative comments about the event due to the available wifi.


If your venue can provide great catering then shout about it to the event planner, as this will be another item on their long list that they won’t have to worry about organising.

Providing details of the dietary requirements that can be catered for and a few examples of menus, will give the event planner an idea of exactly what you can achieve.

If you don’t have the capacity to cater for an event then it would be highly recommended that you suggest local catering companies. This will not only help the event planner in choosing a catering company but will also show that you’re willing to be helpful and supportive of their needs and requirements.

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