The Gift of Church Giving – Encouraging Donations

The Gift of Church Giving – Encouraging Donations

Encouraging donations from your local community to support the church can feel like a daunting task, but with a strong strategy in place, you can ensure that the gift of giving continues to flow all year round.

Donations are an essential part of the churches support foundation, with running costs at an all-time high and the cost implications of volunteer projects, it requires the entire community to get behind the church.

If you’re looking for fresh ideas to encourage donations in your church read our simple tips to discover ways your community can provide you with the monetary support you need.


Say It Outloud

There’s nothing worse than having an assumption that people will simply give.

If you haven’t done so already you need to set the expectations of giving with your congregation. Tell them after services and during meetings what the current target for donations is, and what the church wants to do with those funds.

Too many churches are not being transparent with their congregation and church members, and believe that they will give willingly without a reason. This is true in some cases but until they see the mission and the vision of what the church needs, and how their support can make an impact, many projects are going to get lost in a communication silo.

Be bold, be brave and state what the church needs. There are no better givers than those already invested in the church.


Go Online

Getting your church online is a great way to open-up your church to the wider community and make them aware of how they can support your cause.  

Setting up a website with a donation page will enable you to share the vision of what the money is being spent on, and encourage others to join in and help the cause.

Sharing a giving page on social media, and making it easily accessible so that people can pay by card, simplifies the entire donating process and can encourage others to discover the church who perhaps weren’t aware of its need for support.

As cash is no longer king, passing around a giving bowl and hoping for donations is going to be a thankless task, so think of ways you can receive digital payments whether it is via online webpages, through mobile apps or text messaging services.


Share Stories

People love to give when they hear how much their giving has made an impact. The more we share stories the more inclined we are to want to be part of the story or have a story of our own. You only need to look at national charities such as Red Nose Day and Comic Relief to see how the power of a story can encourage continuous giving.

Find people within your congregation, or take the step yourself to film a series of videos about the power of giving and how it has helped. This can truly motivate people to the bigger picture of how their funds are being used and the wider impact it has on the community.


Onboard Your Volunteers

Your congregation and volunteers are your teams to help increase donations and spread the word about the requirements of the church.

Enabling them with the knowledge of what the church needs and how it helps can motivate them to want to take action.  

When the vision is clear and they are passionate about the cause they become your greatest supporters and they themselves will find ways to come up with the funds or encourage the community to take part.

This includes being vocal about donations during volunteer projects, and even doing personal fundraisers such as bake sales.

Ensure you’re making your church team aware of the situation and bring them onboard with what the church needs.