Rejuvenating The Church For a New Year

Rejuvenating The Church For a New Year

As the church is the centrepiece of tradition during the Christmas and New Year period, January can be an ideal time to take stock and begin to prepare the space for a busy year ahead.

With such a large space to maintain, having this dedicated time to spend rejuvenating the church environment can help to ensure that the building remains safe and functional, and remains in good condition.

To help you make the most of this time we’ve listed the areas you should consider when rejuvenating the church for the new year.

Complete Repairs

As many religious institutions are housed in historic buildings it’s essential that repair and maintenance is regularly done to keep the integrity of the building.

January is an ideal time to review the church and inspect it for any urgent repairs. This should include checking the windows for any cracks, assessing the roof for any fallen tiles, and even checking the surrounding paths and walkways so that they are not becoming a hazard to the public.

Completing any general maintenance early in the year will ensure that small issues do not become much bigger problems later on in the year.

During the winter months pipes are particularly prone to cracking, therefore it is also wise to double check the heating and plumbing systems within the church so that visitors are kept warm and happy during their visit.

Deep Clean

After a busy few months, the church will require a deep clean so that it can begin the new year ready for weekly events to take place once again.

As this can be quite a task, it can often be helpful to put together a task force from the congregation so that everyone can take on a task and get it done thoroughly.

From dusting all the surfaces, polishing the altar, replacing candles, and vacuuming floors and carpets. A deep clean can be a mammoth process but will leave your church feeling fresh and welcoming to new visitors.

Update Furnishings

As well as reviewing the building itself, assessing the condition of the church furnishings should also be part of your rejuvenation checklist, as these are the items that your visitors will come in touch with the most.

If chairs or tables are broken, or looking worse-for-wear, it can portray a sense of untidiness within the church leaving people feeling uncomfortable. It’s also poor health and safety practice, so inspect every piece of furnishing.

Grosvenor’s stacking chairs are a great option for those looking to renovate their existing church chairs and provide a comfortable seat for the congregation.

Freshen Decor

Updating the church interiors annually can help to keep the space looking tidy and fresh, and will instantly give a feeling of relaxed comfort to visitors,

It’s well-known that messy spaces which are dirty and unkempt, have a dramatic impact on our emotions and how comfortable we feel within a space. Therefore, ensuring your church is a clean, vibrant space can go a long way in helping people feel happy and comfortable during a church service.

As well as giving a fresh lick of paint to key areas, consider if some spaces need a new colour scheme or a new layout. Making small changes such as this can help to lift spaces and make them have a new lease of life.  


Using these key areas to update your church for the new year will help you to plan exciting new events and give a positive impression to new visitors.