Event Branding Is More Important Than You Think

Event Branding Is More Important Than You Think

Putting on any type of event is a big job, but the real hard work comes when you look at establishing a brand for your event.

Before you dismiss this as a just another marketing tactic and think that your event isn’t big enough, you have to realise that in order for your event to be successful it has to entice people and keep them coming back.

For it to truly be a success, you should be thinking long-term rather than seeing this event as a ‘quick win’

So before you order the buffet and secure the speakers, here are the reasons you need to take your event branding seriously, and invest in creating something that stands out. 


The Event Market Is Busy
Thanks to platforms such as EventBrite and Meetup, the event market is becoming increasingly saturated with businesses and individuals who wish to establish themselves in a particular sector or to grow the networking opportunities in their area.

With so many events now easily accessible, it’s vital that amongst all of these listings your event stands out as the one to go to. And the only way you’re going to do that is through event branding.

Once you establish a strong brand that sits boldly against competitors and similar events, you will instantly win over the attendees.


Experiences Shape Our Memories
As human beings, experiences shape our memories, therefore if your event is anything but great for an individual you can expect them not to attend again, or even worse dismiss it to other future attendees.

You have to take your event branding seriously to ensure that you offer up an experience attendees will not only remember, but also recommend.

Your event brand isn’t just the logo you have, it’s everything that people will engage with. From the speakers you have to the buffet; it may sound critical but every element of your event should be thought about and refined to truly meet the needs and expectations of your target audience.


Image Matters
We now live in a visual world where we are lured by how things look. So, just like you spend money on making your website look great and your marketing material looks smart, you need to take exactly the same brand guidelines and apply them to your event.

Theming or styling your event to represent your business is essential in putting across your brand message, and showing that you are serious about making the event reputable.

Leaflets, banners, goody bags, and even the event chairs. Look to customise and brand every element that attendees will be engaging with.

If it looks good, people will be more likely to take the event seriously and be more inclined to take pictures and share their attendance on social media.


People Are Brand Savvy
Branding cannot be dismissed in any sense as people are now more in tune with branding than ever before. Think about big brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, Ikea, Google; they don’t just look great, they ‘sell’ a lifestyle or an experience that make people feel something.

This is exactly the way you should be treating your event. Ask yourself these questions;

  • How do you want people to feel when they enter the environment?
  • What do you want people to take away from your event?

Focussing on these questions will help you to navigate your event branding and build something that will grow into an established ‘must attend’ event.


Credibility Rules
Great brands bring with them a reputation, and that credibility is not just something you can conjure up.

When a brand looks strong, authentic and trustworthy, people will begin to make judgements on it, and once they engage with it, credibility is earned.

You cannot post an event and just expect people to come along, you have to put in the hard work to craft an event that will engage with people and believe in what you are offering.

Remember that when people decided to attend an event they are giving up their time and money, so you need to give them a reason to put their trust in your event.

At Grosvenor we understand the importance of your brand and we know that our furniture becomes part of the vision and style that your business portrays.  This was one of the key reasons we introduced stacking chairs with the ability to customise.