Creating Modern Church Spaces People Will Flock To

Creating Modern Church Spaces People Will Flock To

Whether refurbishing or renovating your church, getting the balance right in modern church design is critical when you’re looking to expand your reach in the local community.

The environment and style of your church has to now appeal to an overwhelming millennial population without excluding the needs of traditional church attendees.

At Grosvenor Fabrications we have worked alongside churches and religious organisations for many years, so we have a deep understanding of the demands that are required in a modern church space.

To give you some inspiration on your renovation and provide you with the latest insight into the perceptions of church space, we’ve revealed the fundamental areas that should be considered.

Conscious Space

Each individual room and space in your church should give your attendees a feeling of deep connection.

Research carried out by Barna Group on millennials perceptions of church spaces, found that the size of the space within the church had an impact on how included they felt. Too small, and it felt intimidating, too big, and it felt like it was disconnected from its purpose of community.

By assessing the size of each space and how you are decorating it, you can get to grips with the type of emotions and feelings it may evoke.

Each space should serve a purpose, so think about how this comes across to people entering the room and look at how you can make the most of your space.

For example, using Grosvenor stacking chairs can allow you to bring out seating when needed, or stacked away for more space when they’re not required.

Adopt Nature

Green spaces are ideal for creating areas of quiet reflection and allow attendees to take a moment of solitude.

A number of churches have begun to adopt green spaces, whether it’s community gardens or orangeries which provide an outside feeling inside. This can go along way in providing church attendees with a feeling of sanctuary which is what 77% of millennials are reported to see a church place to be.

As green spaces are boundless in their appeal, attendees from all backgrounds will find these places within your church a welcome rest from modern fast-paced living.  

Artistic Influence

Expression is seen as a large appeal to many church attendees, and by those who are not currently following a religion.

In a recent study on church spaces by Cornerstone, there was an overwhelming appreciation from all age groups of non-religious individuals on the impact of stained glass windows.

Artistic expression and art appears to be a growing trend within the modern church space, as more people seek a way to connect with others as well as their religion.

Building spaces where people can contribute brings an element of the outer world inside and provides a platform for reflection, understanding, and action.


It has been found that regardless of background or age, the word ‘community’ is used by all when discussing the mission of their church.

Therefore it is key in your church renovation to ensure that you create a space that allows the community to come together.

Ideally, this space should be separate from other areas of the church so that events can run seamlessly, and attendees can continue to use other spaces for solitude.

The community space should be a hive of activity and the hub for connection and friendship.

When looking at your dedicated community space, ask yourself if you feel included in the environment and if it provides you with the feelings of connection.

Making a comfortable space for families of all generations to gather is essential, so ensure that you have invested well in tables and chairs that can withstand the demands of the space.