Creating a Contemporary Church

Creating a Contemporary Church

Whether you’re refurbishing or renovating a church, there are key considerations to take into account to ensure that your space respectfully adheres to the religion and makes the community feel safe and welcome.

As traditional church spaces are limited, building a new contemporary church to house a growing congregation is a choice that many religions are having to face. The historical architecture and interiors have to be replaced by something that is both befitting to the area and appeals to those that are local.

If you’re struggling with getting the balance right when creating a contemporary church, we’ve listed below the considerations that can enable you to design a space that truly reflects spiritual purpose and modern views.


Community Space
Aside from representing the religion, you have to remember that people seek community when they follow a faith. In fact, this is represented heavily in many religions across the world.

Therefore, establishing a space where people can gather is essential in ensuring that the church is used often, and makes people want to start events or gatherings to support each other.

Many churches have begun to adopt gardens, but a large indoor room that can also be turned into space for all personal and community events is key.


Minimalist Influences
With a slow decline in those taking up a religious belief, it’s difficult for faiths to appeal to a younger generation. Families or the elderly are the demographics that are most likely to be seen during worship.

It’s true that millennials, for example, are more reluctant to religion, but it is this sector of people that will ensure faiths grow and prosper, so appealing to them is a critical consideration.

As traditional structures are steeped in outdated interiors, it’s essential that with a contemporary church you look to create a more simplified sanctuary.

Minimalist influences and modern furnishings will appeal far more to an image focused generation.


The Elements
The five elements, earth, wind, fire, and water, may not be part of every religious belief, but they are core to our wellbeing as humans.

As spiritual habits are becoming adopted by those harnessing wellbeing and mindfulness, there is a strong reason to incorporate these elements into the design of your church.

From adding a water fountain in the church garden to a dedicated candle memorial, there are many clever and simple ways that the five elements can be brought to life.

By doing this you will not only enhance the general wellbeing of your congregation, but you will appeal to those who are embracing spiritual mindsets.


Setting The Mood
During any design project colour is key, and this goes without saying when considering colour options for a contemporary church.

While you may quick to think that beige or minimalist neutrals are the obvious option, you must first think about the feelings and emotions you wish to evoke from those that visit the church. Jumping straight into a paint pot of white may see you make the space feel clinical and cold.

Consider the mood you wish to bring out from people when they attend the church and make your colour selection a careful one. Green can be a subtle earthy tone that promotes peace and tranquillity, whilst warmer tones of yellow or orange can be uplifting.


Creating Flow
When considering the layout of the church it’s essential to think like your congregation and imagine how they would move within it. There should be a good flow between spaces so that people can feel free as they move around.

What you don’t want is to decorate various rooms in bright colours or place rooms in an awkward position so that people feel frustrated or confused.

Visualising how people will use the space, and who will be attending should help you to plan each space in a more conscious way.

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