5 Community Events to Host in Your Church

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5 Community Events to Host in Your Church

Engaging with the local community is a great way to build awareness of your church, and show people what the church can support them with.

If you’re looking for ways to expand your churches reach within the local area, then hosting events for a variety of audiences, can enable you to appeal to a variety of people and provide others with a form of community which is perhaps not currently active.

We all want to be part of something in our area, but it also has to fit with our lifestyle and needs.

To help you open your church to more of the surrounding community, we’ve listed some of the most popular events you could host to help you draw in local people from all ages.

Bring & Share Supper Club

Nothing says community spirit than bringing together people over good food and good conversation.

As loneliness is becoming more prevalent, a bring and share supper club is an ideal way for people to meet others and grow friendships within the local area.

Plus, many people may not be able to afford to go out for a meal, so this supper club provides them with a great opportunity to get out the house and enjoy food they perhaps cannot cook for themselves.

Simply request everyone to bring a dish, and layout tables and chairs so that people can sit down and enjoy food and meet new people.

By getting each person to contribute in this way, you can schedule this on a monthly or weekly basis and provide people with a chance to make friendships and be part of something.

Before you look to host, just ensure that you have enough tables and chairs, or stock up on new ones with some of Grosvenor’s stacking chairs. You can even choose from over 20 fabric options to ensure your chairs fit with the existing interiors of the church.

Toddler and Baby Group

Becoming a parent can be overwhelming, especially if you have no other friends with children.

Therefore, hosting a toddler and baby group in your church can help new parents visit a safe place where the children can play, and the parents can have some much-needed adult conversation.

Alternatively, you could host specific events for the children, such as a tiny tots dance class, baby massage class or even a crafternoon for big kids. This provides parents the opportunity to do something with their child and engage with others at the same time.

Before you begin hosting an event in your church, just ensure that all the equipment is safe and not in need of repair.

At Grosvenor, we provide a range of comfortable stacking chairs, that are great for parents that want to sit and have a coffee while their child plays.  

Homework Club

Appealing to teenagers can be very difficult as they are overwhelmed with demands from school, but by supporting them in their education with a homework club your church can provide them with help.

Hosting an after-school homework club may also be helpful for local parents who perhaps need to work until dinner time. This way, their children are in a safe environment and getting help with their studies.

Reach out to some of your current church members to see who would be able to volunteer with this project, and get a good understanding of the topics they are knowledgeable of so you know who to go to with any specific homework conundrums.

As well as putting out any necessary stationery for the kids, ensure you have plenty of table space and comfortable chairs so they have a productive workspace for completing homework.

Open Mic Night

A church environment provides the perfect stage for people to share their talent and get the opportunity to experience a live audience.

By hosting an open mic night at your church, you can appeal to musicians and bands, and create a great night out for the local community.

If people in your area love live music, you will get more people through the church door and learning about what they can get involved with.

Setting themes for each night can also be a fun way to keep each event fresh and appeal to different musicians. For example, acoustic night, folk night, etc.

Skills Swap

As a community there will be many people with varying skills, talents and knowledge, so why not create an event where people can share these and learn from each other?

A skill swap event is all about learning something for free and being able to use that in your day-to-day life. Whether it’s learning a little DIY to be able to fix something in the house, or learning how to look after pets.

Learning something new can invigorate people, and give them the opportunity to use their skills to better their circumstances.

Find people with skills or talents they are willing to share and match them up with others who want to learn during the event.

Before you host the event, ensure to create a working space where people feel comfortable. Put out tables and chairs, and provide plenty of room between each so that people can learn freely without being distracted by others.

Article provided by Grosvenor Fabrications, the stacking chair specialists for churches.