Bespoke Fabrics Lead The Way

Bespoke Fabrics Lead The Way

At Grosvenor Fabrications, we are delighted to see that our made-to-order stacking chairs are out selling our premade stock chairs.

While this may not sound like big news, this is an incredible step for Grosvenor as we believe that customers shouldn’t be restricted to stock colours without optional extras.

After all, as a business, you spend a small fortune investing in your branding, your logo, even uniforms for your team. But it can all fall apart when you begin to purchase furniture and interior items for your venue.

With Grosvenor Fabrications, this isn’t the case. With 26 fabric options to choose from, we’ve helped sports clubs add their team colours and enabled hotels to add their brand colours to stacking chairs.


Stacking Chair Quality and Value

The fact is, the standard cost isn’t any more for a made-to-order chair than it is for a stock chair. The only difference is production time. But isn’t it worth the wait if your chair is going to support your branding efforts?

Bespoke chairs can set your brand apart and enable you to create a venue that looks prestigious and reputable. Besides, if you’re going to invest a large amount of money on stacking chairs for your venue this is what you should be demanding – choice and not just a repeat of what your competitors have.

With twenty-six fabric colours to choose from, multiple chair styles and seven frame colours along with extras including arms, links and a book pouch – at Grosvenor we take pride in knowing that we can help you design a chair that is tailored to your organisation.


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