6 Unique Events You Can Host at Your Hotel

events at a hotel
6 Unique Events You Can Host at Your Hotel

If you’re looking to boost the bottom line of your hotel revenue then events can become a rich source of income.

Not only do events help the hotel become used more by locals in the area, but it also makes new customers aware of the hotel and what it can offer.

As unique events will catch the eye of the local press, it will also provide your hotel with a little free marketing. Which can go a long way when you’re trying to build awareness.

For those of you looking to enhance your event offering, we’ve listed six unique ideas that will help put you on the map.


History Festival

Whether your hotel is of historical importance or placed in a location steeped in history, putting on a specific history-themed event can bring people from around the country and locally to come and enjoy the heritage fun.

Whether you decide to go for a Tudor, Georgian, or Victorian theme, ensure to have plenty of activities to help people immerse themselves in the era.

For example, for the Georgian event, you could;

  • Request authors to come and do a live reading of a novel from the era
  • Host a Georgian masked ball with fancy dress and food
  • Provide carriage rides around the hotel gardens
  • Hold a gin tasting evening with a talk on the history of the spirit


Craft Workshops

People love learning new things, and as hotels have so much space available, workshops can be a great way of holding a regular event that helps to get more local people using the premises.

Dedicate one room to the event and add a free drink to the ticket price. This way people will feel all the more inclined to come along.

Some of the most popular craft workshops currently in the UK include;

  • Taxidermy
  • Calligraphy
  • Knitting
  • Candle making


Murder Mystery Dinner  

People are always looking for a good night out in their local area, so turning a casual dinner party into a murder mystery event could be the ideal way to bring new people to the hotel.

As many people may not think to visit their local hotel for fine dining, this gives you the opportunity to highlight your menu without having to do any food specific marketing.

The beauty of a murder mystery event is that it has limited spaces, which makes people immediately want to be part of something that feels special.

You can hire a team to host such an event, but kits can also be purchased online to help reduce the cost.

Send out invitations with each person’s character to make it feel extra special, and ensure that everyone abides by the strict fancy dress code.


Virtual Reality Disco

As virtual reality has become increasingly popular since going mainstream, VR (virtual reality) events have surged across the UK.

These unique events allow people to be completely submerged into another world through a headset, giving them the feeling of being somewhere different, and providing an experience that is not possible in the real world.

Hosting a VR disco is an ideal way to attract a younger audience to your hotel and show them exactly what can be created.

For this event, all that is required is a large spacious room, the hire of some high-quality VR headsets and a bar. Using the VR headsets, users can select the type of music and location they’re in, giving them a completely fun and unique experience. For example, they could be listening to hip-hop on a beach in Florida, but in reality, they’re dancing in a room in Kent.


Themed Garden Party  

For something that feels quintessentially British, a themed garden party is a more relaxed way of opening up the hotel to new visitors.

Whether you decide on an Alice in Wonderland theme or Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s dream, there are many stylish garden themes to choose from that can leave your guests in awe of the event.

To make the event extra special for those looking to book you could;

  • Layout picnics with an afternoon tea
  • Decorate the garden in the style of the theme
  • Create a one-off cocktail menu that goes with the theme
  • Provide garden games
  • Let off paper lanterns in the evening

Outdoor Cinema

Summer is the ideal season to create more events as many people feel more inclined to get out of the house and socialise. With this in mind, outdoor cinemas and film festivals have become a popular trend in many cities across the UK, allowing people to watch some of their favourite classics, but on a deck chair outside with a glass of prosecco.

Hosting the cinema in the gardens or in a private room of the hotel can give visitors a unique experience that keeps them coming back each year.

Ensure you have drinks and light snacks available to be purchased, or put on a special offer on food, and you’ll have happy customers that will tell all their friends and family about the event.

Whatever your event make sure you are prepared.  Grosvenor offers a great selection of hotel seating options with stacking chairs tailored to your requirements with 24 fabrics to select from and 7 different frames and other add-ons across a range of styles of chairs.  These chairs are easy to put out, can come fitted with links to connect the chairs and then after the event can be quickly and neatly stacked away.