10 Easter Activities to Try in Your Church

10 Easter Activities to Try in Your Church

Easter represents one of the most important days in the Church calendar and provides an ideal opportunity to engage with the congregation and the community on the Resurrection of Christ.

As a defining moment in the Christian faith, it provides the ultimate message of hope that we can share with those around us.

While your church will be busy during the Easter weekend, it’s essential to not only build momentum for the services you will be conducting but also to spread the message to the wider community.   

Therefore we’ve listed ten ways you can spread the message of Easter to your local community and your congregation.

1) The Big Spring Clean 

As a symbol of hope, Easter should be shared with those who are less fortunate and require help. Many people may be feeling less hopeful due to their personal circumstances, but supporting those less fortunate than ourselves is a way to actively spread the message of hope and help others to feel enlightened.  

One way you can support those in your local community is by getting together a big spring clean team.

The team of volunteers can be divided to support those in their homes by cleaning and decluttering, and then another group can go around the local area to clean and plant fresh flowers.

The personal approach of helping someone in their home could be just the support and inspiration they need to feel like they are loved and cared for. While the wider local approach can give everyone in the local community beautiful spaces to enjoy.

By doing these activities you are providing a significant act of service to your community during the Easter celebrations.

2) Local Passover Meals 

Passover plays a key role in the celebration of Easter, and while many Passover meals may traditionally take place in the home, creating a community meal is a wonderful way to bring people together.

Layout tables and chairs in your church and create dishes that can be easily shared and passed around. It is also good to encourage others to contribute to the meal as this can be a wonderful way to share stories about recipes.

To truly ensure it becomes a local event that goes beyond the congregation, ask them to invite friends or relatives who they would like to share a meal with.

You should also consider sending out invitations to local care homes and charities who are aware of any people who could benefit from a community event.

3) Easter Egg Hunt 

Take the traditional Easter egg hunt a little further by creating a treasure hunt with questions to the children about the traditions of Easter. If they get the clues right, then they’ll know where to find the eggs.

This is a great way to not only engage with children about the foundations of Easter but also provides them with a fun experience they will want to do every year.

4) Art Exhibit

Hosting an Easter-themed exhibit on the values of Easter can support local artists in the community and also provide an educational opportunity for children.

Get everyone in the area to take part. From local established artists, amateurs, to children.

Display the final works in an open exhibition and invite people along to explore the artwork and enjoy refreshments and canapes.

This is a wonderful way to see the many variations of how people interpret Easter and the Resurrection and can enable people to get a sense of the activities that go on at the church.  

It will also open many people’s eyes about how diverse the space can be at the church and highlight that the church can be used for far more than just services.

5) Volunteer Drive 

As Easter represents a new life for people everywhere, this provides a wonderful theme to support a volunteer drive within your local community.

Although you may be seeking to recruit church volunteers, there will also be many other organisations in your area that are in desperate need of volunteers for their charities.

By holding a volunteer drive where organisations can have a table and pitch in the church about their volunteer programs, you can create one central space about the numerous volunteering opportunities available in the community area.

Invite as many volunteer programs as possible and then share the event with your local newspaper to build a buzz around the event and get people to come along.

Volunteering can give many people a purpose in their lives and help to build a positive impact on the community.

6) Take Easter on Tour 

Consider taking your Easter events on tour around the local area.

While it’s traditional for Easter events to take place in the church, this can be off-putting for non-believers and mean that many people miss out on the positive impact of the church’s activities.

From picnics in the park to utilising local halls, take some of your events on tour and meet people who would not normally attend church.

7) Benefit Baskets

Holding a silent auction in your Easter activities can help you to raise money for a local charity.

Collect Easter gift baskets from local businesses and church members and sell them in a silent auction. Request for people to be as generous as possible, and ensure to promote the auction on your social media channels and newsletters.

Even inviting people outside of the church congregation can help more people visit the church during Easter and take part in the activities that are planned.

8) Children’s Play

Hosting an Easter Children’s play is an engaging way to make children aware of the tradition of Easter and ensure they understand the importance of the story.

Work with your congregation to find children who would be excited to take part, and if there are not enough children in your current congregation outreach to schools and other local drama groups to find other children who would enjoy taking part.

Put on the play like a real show, and offer refreshments and popcorn to those that come to watch.

9) Family Festival

An Easter festival can bring the entire family together to celebrate the beauty of Easter, and become an annual event that everyone in the surrounding community looks forward to.

Include live music, food, games, and activities that will give people the fun element, but also help to educate them on the origins of Easter.

Speak to your congregation to see who would like to volunteer to support the project and put your heads together on ways to make the festival truly unique to your local area.

10) Kindness Cards

We could all do with a message of hope in our lives, and this idea enables you and your congregation to spread the message of kindness at Easter far beyond the church walls.

Kindness cards can be written by anyone in the church and then left in random places for people to find. Such as on a train, on a park bench, in a shopping trolley or on a car.

The idea is to write an inspirational and positive message of kindness and pass it on.

This can be an incredibly powerful way to share love and kindness during Easter, and help people in the wider community to feel inspired.